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A talk about Manifestors by Pavaka at the HD Rave Festival 2024

Conscious vs Unconscious Manifestors

We each have two charts, the red and the black. The body (design) and the personality. Unconscious and Conscious (meaning that which is not available to the thought and that which is). We are a whole greater than our parts.

The Personality is what we think we think we are, it's how we see and experience ourselves, and it may be very different than what we are as a whole being. What we perceive may also be very different than what others experience of us, the way they see us.

What type is your black chart?
Do you "know" you are a Manifestor?
Or maybe you "think" you are a Projecter or Reflector?

In the retreat we will discuss the differences between being a conscious Manifestor or an unconscious, and understand how it affects our life, and what we can "do" about it.

Manifesting and Projected Channels

Manifestors by definition are a motor connected to the throat, with no Sacral in the way of the energy to manifest.

The motor can be Solar plexus, Ego heart, or Root. It can be one motor or more. They can be connected directly to the throat via one of the Manifesting channels (21\45, 22\12, 35\36), or be connected indirectly through other centers, via Projected channels.

The Ego can go through the G-center (21\25) to the throat, through the spleen (26\44) to the throat or even spleen to the G to the throat. The root can only be connected to the throat through the spleen (or spleen to G to throat). So it can be a long way for that manifestation energy!

What does it mean to have a direct connection, vs. a longer indirect one?
What happens when the energy moves through another center on its way?
What is it like to manifest through projected channels?

We'll discuss and investigate the different kinds of Manifestation to understand our energy better, relax deeper into who we are, accept, embrace and love our manifesting, just as it is.

Being a Manifestor (woman) in relationships

Being a Manifestor woman in relationships can be a challenging experience.

We have a closed Aura, and we don't interact the same as the rest of them. Love is always an issue, and with all the social conditioning around men and women, and what it means to be a daughter, a wife, a mother, it may seem sometimes like it just doesn’t work for us.

In the retreat we will discuss this super important topic and see how we can take the relationships in our life to the next level, out of correctness.

Yes, you have to initiate. And this is where the dance of everyday life comes into play and there can be space to explore what works for your relationships! How to respect yourself and the others - your partner, children, colleagues and friends.

A deep dive into Informing

Informing - what does it mean? How do you do it? Will it look the same for everyone? Why does it feel so awkward sometimes?

Informing is an art. It is the way we build the bridge across this closeness of ours, and it's not necessarily a natural thing for us. But it's our strategy, and it works.

Correct informing goes hand in hand with inspiration. It is actually initiation itself, our power going from a motor to the throat, expressing our inner form and manifesting as a new formation outside.

When we are anchored in the form, connected deeply to inner authority and to our spirit, informing becomes a beautiful process of inner knowing, and a whole new way of communicating in resonance to what we truly are as beings.

We manifest with words.

In the retreat we will dive deeply into the concept and truth of informing, and experiment with it together, until we OWN it in a deeper sense.


Impact is our very nature.
It is our aura, our communication, and our self-knowing.
By the mechanics of our aura, the way our actions and words meet the world, out of a throat connected to a motor, with no sacral to pull it back, creates impact

This means our very communication with everyone is based upon impact. Regardless of our relation to the person, our thoughts or feeling for them, or their role in our life. That's really something to ponder - we impact everyone around us all the time, whether we like it or not, want it or not. No choice.

The mechanics of impact is energy going out from within us, "hitting" someone or something on the outside and coming back to us. Kind of like an Australian boomerang. When it hits us back, it tells us of ourselves, because at the most basic energy level - we are our impact!

Metaphorically it's like a dolphin or a whale, using voice as sonar - it goes out into the world and comes back creating a picture of what it hit around it. It is our frequency coming back. That is why our question is "what is my impact?".

Impact is our spiritual path, as well as our service to the world when our form is correct and our spirit in it aligned. When we wait for the Universe to push us, out of inner authority, our impact carries the inspiration of the source to the world.

BUT when incorrect, our impact, reflecting our inner frequency, is a source of suffering. In our retreat we will experiment and investigate together to meet our impact experientially. We will reach a deeper understanding on how to make impact more conscious, how to impact out of inspiration, and how to know our SELF intimately and authentically through impact.

Personal Authority - the beautiful differences in our Inner Authority

Even though we are all Manifestors here, living in the same type of energy field, Aura, we all navigate life very differently, according to centers, channels, circuity, profile and more.

The main difference between us, and the main sameness on the other hand, is inner authority. Emotional, Splenic or Ego - we each have a certain way of moving in the world, a distinct power to our manifesting, a special pace.

Inner authority comes before strategy for us Manifestors. It is the most important. We wait for the universe to push us, through our inner authority, that's the mechanics of correctness for us.

Understanding our inner authority is crucial. Connecting with it deeply is what brings peace to our lives. So in the retreat we will learn about the different authorities, discuss them, and investigate them together.

We will work in groups according to the different authorities, and experiment difference and sameness.

Anger and transformation

We call it "the NOT SELF theme", we all have to deal with it, but anger is an inherent part of our nature. It's no mistake.

Before any angry thought, or psychology of relations, anger (I actually prefer RAGE) is a natural energetic occurrence of our mechanics. It is the physical reaction in our Aura to incorrectness, usually in the form of a different aura approaching us and cutting off the yang "designed to do" silence or movement. In that, it is a significant signpost for us. But it's not only that.

Rage is a powerful force. In the past it's what made us kings and queens and creators of cultures, but what part does it play today?

This part of our DNA, if dealt with correctly and lovingly, can be the food for transformation, it can change the form, when elevated upon to justice, which is its true core.

Courage is at the core of us. Rage is its heart (coeur in French). Manifestor fire burns on the heart rage, the passion of justice. We are warriors. But we can become warriors of love, warriors of SELF.

In the retreat we will look at anger and at dealing with it from a new perspective. Transforming it and transforming us.

Peace and flow

Signature is the basic energetic natural resonance, existing prior to anything else appearing as realty. It is our stamp, our energetic fingerprint.

So what is peace? On what and how many levels does it occur? How do we recognize it? What does it look like and feel like?

The retreat is a perfect opportunity to give time and thought for this oh so important theme of ours. To ponder it together and experiment with it, at all time. To notice it, appreciate it, empower it!

Here is a question to ponder upon until we meet:
What's our experience and how does that differ from when we started experimenting?